The Alien Buddha's House of Horrors featuring ABCTales' very own Marandina!

In July Marandina wrote to me to say that he'd submitted two of his short stories (his first submissions!) and that they'd both been accepted. Today, I'm very pleased to announce that the first of them is available from The Alien Buddha.

Here are a couple of Amazon links to buy if you're in the UK:

A very big congratulations to Marandina from all of us at ABCTales! 


well done marinda. 


Brilliant news and congratulations from Jenny.


That's Brilliant!!!!! Well Done :0)


It's a great feeling. Savour it.

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Oh thank you for this. I didn't start out with thoughts of being published when I started writing creatively again a couple of years ago. I guess it's where the tide has washed me. Thanks CM, Jenny, Di and Ewan.(Congratulations to Ewan on the successful launch of Moffat III "At the Back of the North Wind")

I am savouring it. And thanks again for the invaluable support from everyone here. It makes such a difference.



Congrats, M -- great to see! 


Thanks Mark. And congrats on being published yourself with "Pigeon Variations" amongst others! Paul 


Cheers, mate! Did a massive edit of the PV novella too so will be firing off more missives into the abyss soon.  


Congratulations! So pleased for you. And sending off for my copy now! 

Ah that's kind of you, Jane. For anyone that's not into horror anthologies, the story is already at ABCtales posted a while ago. Link below:

I have since read the winning entry for the Horror Showdown that preceded the anthology and it's pretty gory! I guess I am at the fantasy end of the Horror spectrum. I may stay there but never say never! Paul :)






Late to this. Based on your writing that I've read you've earned this. Point blank period.





Thanks Jack. You should send some of your work off to be published. There's definitely a place out there for it. Paul 


Much obliged for your confidence in the publishabilty (is that a word?) of my writing but I ain't interested. Publishing on this site is enough for me.