A very big thank you to all who came to our online reading event last night. I think it was our best yet with some truly spectacular performances. 

I'm very very grateful to Mark Burrow and onemorething for herding kittens  organising the reading list, and to Mark for keeping everything running so smoothly on the night.

As an added bonus Mark has recorded this one, due to popular demand, so if you couldn't make it we'll be posting a link once it's all been edited and permissions given.



thanks for being there insert. Bit sorry for Niamhi (spelling?) that didn't get a chance to read. We had a song, but no dance from our American friends. Ice came across the oceans. The Irish in us was pretty spectacular. But my best reading award goes to Jane. 


I second that, Jack. Jane was spot on.


Full marks to Mark for his efficient, sensitive and thoughtful management of the event. I was delighted to be a part of it and look forward to seeing the recording.  Hooe Niamh gets her chance next time.

Kudos to all for a fun night. Everyone was on their game, with the exception of a few due to techcical difficulties. Our loss that. A big thanks to Mark Burrow for being an exceptional team leader. 


Mark's been in touch with Niamh and she's totally fine about it. None of us were sure she'd be able to make it (including Niamh) - but she said she really enjoyed it and she will be top of the reading list at the next event!

I really love it when we all meet up in Soho, but our virtual events mean people from all over the world have a chance to participate, as well as those who aren't able to get into Central London for other reasons.

Thank you all for your brilliant performances!


Well done to all of last night's readers - the standard is always so high. Thanks for having me again and congrats to Jane for winning CM's reading award. Your prize is a Dvd compilation of Celtic's greatest victories. Enjoy! :) 


Can we do an award for best pet on camera please? My vote goes to Drew's beautiful lab


If I knew you were giving awards I'd have had Baxter on my lap. My lap would have been worse for the wear, but it's the suffering that makes the award worthwhile.




I did see Baxter briefly Hudson, and I said hello in the chat function, but he totally ignored me! You will have to have a word with him for next time


Ha. That chat function was going by a little too fast for me. I couldn't keep up. 


I saw both Baxter and Mrs Hudsonmoon in the background. It was all go in your house, Rich. And my lad was upstairs during the reading and heard you singing and playing your guitar. He wanted to know who the American bloke was. I told him it was a man of many talents from the world of ABCtales! 


Ha. I had to scream for my wife to take Baxter out. He was grumbling at my side. My music and writing is in the middle of the house between the front door hallway and the kitchen. It's a bit tricky getting total privacy, which my wife has up in her art room. But I'm happy to be closer to the refrigerator. Cheers, Paul and hello to your son.



For best Bill Paxton imitation? Thanks Mark for putting it together.


Thanks for the kind words. 

Would be wrong of me to pretend I'd done any of the organising so big thanks to Rachel and Claudine for getting the speakers in. 

Everyone should be proud of themselves.


Such a lovely evening. Where else could you get a Bill Paxton impression, an amazing song, and brilliant prose and poetry? My award for comment of the night goes to whoever (Di, possibly??) remarked that Drew was being eaten by a panther. And so he was, a beautiful sleek panther pretending to be an equally beautiful black Labrador.

I think, without doubt, the black lab and the cute cat were the stars of the night wink

Thanks for letting me in! I enjoyed the reading very much!


Yes, thanks a lot to all the organisers in their different ways. I too found it difficult  to keep up with chat and respond. The chat used to be by the side, but now it was coming on top of faces (I should have just moved it around I suppose) so kept shutting it and then having another look!

Sometimes I would have liked a few to slow down a bit, though getting near the screen and microphone helped. Rhiannon


My chat was still on the side Rhiannon, but it was quite hard to see and use without peering right into the screen. It's a useful function though! I'm so glad you could make it this time!


Many thanks to all involved for such an excellent night, once again! It was a real pleasure to listen to everyone's work and to see so many supportive and friendly faces. :)

It was a great evening, I was glad to be a part of it, a lot of great writing and performances, and guest appearances from writers' pets. I will have my volume turned up loud next time!


Mark P



It was WONDERFUL!!! THANKYOU SO MUCH to Rachel, Mark and Claudine for setting it all up, and to everyone who contributed. I am so sorry about my random comments, my son was cooking (computer is in kitchen) and I got a bit more distracted than usual. REALLY ENJOYED


May add my thanks to Rachel, Mark and Claudine for providing that get-together of ABC writers. Even though I am unaccustomed to the use of Zoom and despite my dodgy laptop I enjoyed the evening tremendously  It was also great to see our fellow authors from across the pond,