Story and Poem of the Year 2014

Pete and I have been reading and rereading like mad for the past few weeks - all the stunning poetry and prose that makes ABC such a wonderful community to be a part of, and I think it would be fair to say that nailing the very best is the hardest thing we’ve collectively done. Here are our Picks of the Year for 2014 - we hope you like them as much as we did!


For the Story of the Year it’s a tie: both very different but equally wonderful. Congratulations to TFH for The Late Bus, and to Mark Brown for Corn Rigs:


Honourable mentions:


Two breathtakingly good novels – Daniel by Scratch, and School Photos by celticman




and two fantastic shorts – The Ladies of Ephesus by Caged Bird and Witch Pricker by noo:




For Poem of the Year, after far too much cogitation …



1st Place:

'For The Boy With Seven Hearts' by Old Jack Is Back



'Billy Ulysses In Crab County' by kilb50


Third place:

'Poem In A Nice Suit' by John_Silver


Highly Commended:


'For Louie' by mcmanaman


'Mynydd Carningli (for TP's Parents)' by MJG


'Once Upon A Life' by Silver Spun Sand


'Empty’ by Bee



Oh god. Thank you so much. I don't know what to say. 

Awwww. Thank you!


Some good choices, well done both and congratulations to the winners. 


And special congrats to Celt for School Photos, you know I love it. 





Well done all of you!  An inspirational start to the year.

Excellent choices. Well done to all. yes


Excellent choices - I know just how hard it is to select the right ones!

The two stories I knew - but the poem was new to me and I am absolutely knocked out by it. Sensastional stuff. It just goes to show just how brilliant you all are.



How flattering. And embarrassing, as I haven't really done much since. I hope I can!




You'll have to do more now TFH, or we will all stare and point at you. Congratulations!


Mr TFH...... truly deserved. x


Mr TFH...... truly deserved. x


Great to be picked from all the wonderful pieces....



Many thanks eds & congrats to all.


Congratulations to all! So great to get the chance to read these again, or for the first time. And thanks so much for mentioning my one - I'm well chuffed.


A deserved choice, very pleased for you...