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La Femme d'argent

How could I forget the autumn of 1998, and that weekend in Paris? A sullen, funereal mist folded around the city for the entire three days, fallen...
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Three cold kisses

With a flick of his thumb, Jim sent ash from a Players cigarette towards the battered round receptacle he’d borrowed from the Chalk Farm Tavern, and...

Ebb and flow

Marley was dead, to begin with: there was no doubting it. The stress of leaving his wife, moving to Pattaya and spending six months in the clutches...

No silver lining

"How do you carry on, Paula?" Amy watched the back of her friend as she stood in front of the kitchen unit, pouring the contents of a boiling kettle...


That morning, when I saw that an old caravan had somehow arrived in the clearing at the top of Burnside Wood, I must admit that I unlocked the gun...