The 14th of Tomorrow

Humanity stands on the brink of a perfect storm of revolution in material and life science. Like most revolutions it can end in glory or destruction.


Virtual humans and their embryo cargo battle for control of a habitable planet. Caught in the middle are the planets primitive inhabitants.


I knew a guy, who knew a guy and that guy knew a different guy. And how many stories have started like that?


In the new virtual world our choices have expanded. But old school reality still has it's place!

Travel Talks

To find something you sometimes need to look for it.

We're Almost There

It’s always quite at first. There’s time to think and ponder on what’s about to happen. They aren’t human, that’s what the commanders tell us. But I’...

The 14th of Tomorrow

Life after Death?? Depends on your point of view!

Virtuals! Where Do We Come From?

What makes us different from the animals? I’ve never seen an animal write something down. It signaled the start of the virtual age. Clay tablets with...

Project 7

I think it is important to note that for most of human existence we have fought without much success to avoid death. Over time we got better at...

The Heart of a Machine

This is intended to fit somewhere inside a previous post. I'm trying to stitch a couple things together...

A Bridge

I needed to build a bridge and this is a start!

What is True?

Truth is our most closely guarded secret. We often keep it even from ourselves.