Adolescent Apostrophes

a short poem about punctuation

Christmas Slippage

It would be good to Martha Stewart hand make wreaths and centrepieces beautifully wrap presents for all the little nieces I wish I'd made the Christmas cake pudding and the stuffing but the house is merry hell

Adolescent Apostrophes

Adolescent Apostrophes spotty little devils one just can't get them in the right place they slide like mercury procrastinating prevaricating having ideas of their own possessive when they shouldn't be perhaps ignoring them altogether


Rage Rage pours in my eyes and ears unctuous as Hemlock ,thick and oily I'm hapless as Hamlet though fuming for no oedipal cause News swarms like Furies

Shopping with Son

Shopping with son We wanted a claret sweater He wanted a claret sweater claret or burgandy not cherry or red He is a redhead "darling it will clash" "I don't need a sweater I have a hoody"

Little acts of courage

What a fool I am positively capering motley and jingling underemployed I'm cooking fudge that will not set even trying to see whether it can be rolled in cocoa but in the end

Flooding at Long Load

Flooding at Long Load When one gets old one looks up the ancestry and one feeds the birds takes an interest in gardening and takes pride in being...

The Pixie is Leaving

The Pixie is Leaving So grown up today Crisped up in grown up clothes future office ready she is leaving one leaf hop at a time popping nestwards in...

Volunteering Riding Hood

The bathos of retirement

Good Weather for Reading

Outside looks so brightwhite dog would love a walky and I'd love a talky though no one would be stopping to chat today its all head down and scamper...

A Brief Satisfaction

I decided to make myself comfortable decided it was allowed Found nice book that was engaging Jack Reacher weighing in on the side of right made a...

They all rolled over

They all rolled over The dog baby is nine not an infant in dog years she does things human babies do she understands everything her speech is a sing...


Being snowed in was exciting until intertia made us irritable and leaden But now the weather cant remember why it went to the fridge It rains half...

Tragic Nougat

At some point I hoarded nougat It was gorgeous, soft and its bitesize pieces confined in little pieces of wafer. I found it yesterday when I cleared...