The Effects of Defeat and Dismay

desire conquers imagination, yet bravery conquers the effects of defeat and dismay.

Normandy and the feeling of defeat

the narrator here is none other than the fuhrer himself. not really himself...

A Soldier's Soliloquy

The sounds are defeaning... The ground from which we stand Will be littered with our blood Now we run as the scorched sky watch us Water is our fuel as our bodies fall


Last night, lord baal gave me a vision that's why i now march with dignity my people waved after me hoping my victory our shields may protect us from their jealous roman blades

Roses and Dying Evenings

I crushed your glass heart...I kissed your lips Our love was a brilliant tale not told In the many books printed and published Once it was summer, now it's winter

Faint Screams Echo Through Silence

you run away... Love was rising nausea that tasted like filth in my mouth I fell to my love one's wake, as i opened my eyes It would take a fool to fall for a dead woman

I had lost my way

This love has fallen Your glass heart came shattering down Love was rising nausea that tasted like rust You're the only thing i know a fairy with my cries

Veni, Vidi, Vici

I have fallen... I was the most honored of all No touch of vanity could be seen from me The gauls i have defeated My legions were the mightiest The dark shadows i covered,

To the left are the Doves, to the right are the Bats

Let's kneel down, bow our heads this is the ceremony... Our love was over for your gluttony Your tears are so disgusting As i strangle the light from you

This is Such a Strange Day

Do you believe in love at first sight? In this story, we'll meet Tim...