I don't write a lot of poetry, but here are a few attempts at haiku. You don't even have to click on most these to read them, the full text fits on the preview section of the main page.


It takes a village; but a child will not be taught, would run free instead.


She who would once fly, lays her red heart in his lap; unwinged but free.


Love unwisely spent, too late to call it back now. Less remains to share.

Love (2)

Love unwisely spent; a lesson learned, brittle truths; but loves grows back again.


Fur mottled slate grey and ochre; asleep in sunlight, blends in with the rug.

This Empty Bed

She see his shoulders, As he walks away, head turned, final, faraway # Feet tip-toe, quiet, through this empty house, where his hands once opened...