Horror Shorts

A collection of short horror stories, from ghosts to zombies. 


A deck of Tarot cards printed on flesh hold a terrible fate at the end of 78 days


Adenosine - inhibitory neurotransmitter, believed to play a role in promoting sleep, with levels increasing with each hour an organism is awake.

Cotton House

The crackling record continued to play and I felt something draw closer. “Bang bang, that awful sound... Bang bang, my baby shot me down...”

Dead Girl Walking

He fired a bullet into the brain of the nearest zombie and it hit the floor. When a second came down on him, he pulled the trigger. The gun went click…
Gold cherry

Goosey Goosey Gander

Goosey goosey gander, whither shall I wander? Upstairs and downstairs and in my lady's chamber.


My nails always feel like they have bits of meat under them and I wash my hands obsessively. Sometimes I scrub my hands so hard they bleed.

Road Rage

He remembered hearing stories about this stretch of road. They called it the demon highway. People saw things there, were always thinking they had run someone over. Some even claimed to have picked up ghostly hitchhikers.

The Death Fairy

Creatures with wings, seven foot tall with sharp talons and dagger like teeth. They’ve been called Angels, Demons, even Aliens. They have always been Fairy, long before those other names.

The Long Wake of Trent Senior

Every soul he had guided back had spoken of beauty and peace. Some had spoken of paradise. But Kane knew the dark awaited him, cold and unending.
Story of the week

The Girl Who Grew Horns

Their very existence had been written out of history, only surviving in art and religious texts. Not many thought of them as angels. It’s the horns, she thought, staring at their perfect blackness