Longer Short Stories

Deadly Alive

The headlights pierced through my eyelids as I squinted in horror, getting brighter every second as the car drew closer and closer to me. We both stopped, hands clamped tight around the steering wheel. We stared through our un-touched windscreens and looked directly into each others eyes. The traffic around us was noisy, still moving trying to avoid our near accident.

The Guardian of the Lotus Pond

My head tipped with an awakening lunge, I found myself catching my heart in my mouth as I strenuously tried to stay awake.

The Concierge

As I put key number 427 back on its correct silver-plated hook I smiled knowingly as the couple picked up their bags and walked out.

Hope Floats

The wave hit hard against the side of the ship. The vessel walls were high and strong and have held their own in some horrendous storms, but an unmistakeable groan sounded loud across the seas