Poems from: The Book Of Insanity

This was a book that I made for a friend, one christmas, over twenty years ago.
I still like reading them.

The One Legged Man With A Clubbed Foot

Another from: The Book Of Insanity

Cardinal Chunda

Cardinal Chunda As we walked home, my girlfriend and me A very strange sight we did see

Hi! I'm Billy No Legs

Stumpy! Is that what you called me? Well! Can you touch your toes, without bending down? No! I didn’t think so

Snuffle My Nosebag

Like a large hog, you snuffle my nosebag Like a babe sucking titty, you snuffle my nosebag It isn’t as if you don’t have your own

Pants Off, Mister Feel-Good

Another poem from: The Book Of Insanity

Ode To My Commode

Hope you enjoy

Uncle Carbuncle

From: The Book Of Insanity