Restoration Work

Cornish Sonnet III

He tells me he's bought that copy of 'The Struggle For Mastery in Europe' with the handwritten letter

Bosworth (A Sonnet)

Challenge set by MacJoyce

Cheap Haircut

Sweet Tyrannosaurus! Was there ever a more apt occasion for your chicken foot to land like a piano right outside the salon?

Cornish Sonnet I

Hedge-shrapnel falls on me like powder snow, like a hedge-pungent pre-avalanche

Cornish Sonnet II: Old Mining VIllage

He takes a brief detour - past the wild garlic, tracing the mill race's pinballing path, as it thrashes like Holmes and his nemesis grappling

The Generous Moon

A rewrite

Shuttlebus North

That fresh, crushed sugarcane juice you bought last night at the beach ' it was 80g of Silver Spoon, plus Sprite. But how? You saw them put the cane right through the press! That's telemagic for you ' that's the art of artifice.


Barbs dishevelled, shivering, it keeps the water still with the anaesthetic needle of its leg. And then, when it kicks off, the ever-patient bird gets surgical.

The Warlock Hits Town

her breasts seem to say, “Hey, it’s cramped down here.” “Yeah, let us out.”

Swift Nick and Co.

(Google 'thieves' cant' to decode some of this). Hardest, hardiest of them, blunt-hungriest, most sweary, russet-headed, nips that'd survive a crematory.

My First Dilemma

On one hand, my mother’s father, dapper in his mason’s sash and apron, ball-bound. On the other, all these restless Platos.

Two Russian Sonnets

One is about my father, one is about my mother

Dr. Bakunetsu

His name is Japanese for ‘explosive heat’ – it’s also, he says, unfastening his suitcase’s brass clasps, the name he gives the ailment, taps the carat of my ribs – “In here, chief?