Suffer Not The Little Ones

I have begun writing a lot recently about domestic violence.  Something I witnessed first hand and something I abhor. My heart has begun to fight back and this is one small way of dealing with the pain all too many feel and a pain I can vividly remember.

Rocking Rocking

Rocking, rocking… Rocking, rocking.. Tick tock goes the clock Rocking, rocking… Thoughts that NEVER stop Rocking, rocking… Desperately dulling pain...

One Day The Mouse Will Roar

One Day The Mouse Will Roar A frail scrap of humanity Hears the ogre roar Trembling in the shadows A maelstrom of confused emotion Rips his heart...

Take Me Back To My Womb

Take Me Back To My Womb Fluffy fingers, shimmering shawl Cooing faces, aliens to me. Take me back to my womb! I was safe in darkness there. Warm and...

Take A Second Look

Take A Second Look In a café far away Or so the stories say. No one glares with a ‘tut tut tutter Manners to disgrace a pig’ they utter. I can be...

Let Go

Letting go and letting God..hard, but worth it.

Calling Lydia

Lydia was taken from us but 3 days old. Her twin live Lydia, rest

Free From Fear

Free From Fear Blackboard, chalk scored Whiteboard, black marked The jungle’s just as forbidding A harsh remark A sly under-table kick A pellet spat...