A Surprise For God

Project on Meditation


My mother was wearing a beige colour sari. She usually wore bright colours. She looked sad in her face, frail, thin and dark, pretty unusual. An...

I Am My God

It’s a miracle I travelled forty years, I’m tired but I have reached nowhere,

Life Is Not Worth Living It

That was the old place we lived, I remember. I cannot say exactly which corridor they were standing. A couple of girls were talking to my brother trying to solve some important matter.

My Quest For A Paper

These days I haven’t seen a local paper, not even on the racks of the shops and outposts. It’s been decades since my family moved with their own...

Project on Meditation - Day 1

Project on meditation is an experiment to find what you goanna dream

Project on Meditation - Day 2

To read what I write

Project on Meditation – Day 3

Believing in God, believing in you Believing in science…whichever is right!

Project on Meditation – Day 4

Sunset, a night approached, an island girl came calling me for breakfast. I went there, I sat down, I had breakfast.

Spiritual I

In spiritual I, I put in writing,

Tsunami Shore

Pipe thought he was the most powerful body of water in the sea but Turner thinks he could beat him.

Unto You God

God, do You know? Mankind keep telling lies, To free from crime and abuse they’re guilty for. And crimes they commit, In all forms obsessive, This is such an unjust world You created.