Tampa, Fl.

Impressions of Tampa


they come from everywhere, for fun to create a new life, to kill an old habit: to love creatively, collectively they come from everywhere to feel beautiful once again, dovetailed lives of pleasure and business packed with worry-free lives: somehow they are anxious the air is marvelously heavy, the green-lunged ocean breathes whoosh.... ploosh.... it's a dream they come from everywhere killing their pains with alcohol and drugs or working themselves silly to achieve the good life, the better life where they are above it all like all those tourists they see. the ocean is breathing every body is salty with its deep tumultousness... the sky blushes as the automobiles rush with maddened testerasterone. it's a frenzy to the bone as children bungy jump to a rush.



little daniel minime

Bitter Dust

you're tired. you just want to have some fun after work. you want to stop thinking. you want to enjoy yourself. is it possible?

Christ's blood

flows through time and space to redeem us, long-flowing his love which extends our lives into immortality. our nature is rooted in deep sin, one after the other sin throws us into death,


A long svelte time ago, in a whirlled sown far and wide, there became apparent that the sexes were at War. If all was fair in love and war, then if...