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Last words

Ever wondered what your very last words might be?

Supposing you're not taken too much by surprise that is ie. shot in the back of the head whilst out walking or shopping, or something.

One of my uncles died this week. One of the most genuinely nicest people I've ever known. He'd been both rich and poor but was always decent.

Last word he said to me on the phone the other week from his hospital bed was 'darling'. I'd said something like 'Hope to see you soon' and he'd said 'Yes darling. Bye darling.'

Got me thinking what his very last words might have been. Could have been something pretty mundane, like 'No, thank you' in reply to a nurse asking if he wanted anything to eat. Or perhaps 'Bye' when his family left after visiting.

Our last words are probably quite similar in sound to our first words.

Mine'll probably, supposing I'm not taken too much by surprise, be, 'Oh, oh, oh, Gu, Gu, Gu, Gu, God.'

I hope so anyway. I'd rather that than 'Oh fuck me, shit.'

More than that 'tho, have you ever wondered what a loved one's last thoughts might have been? I have and, so far, it's all good, in spite of things.

My favourite last words are from C S Lewis's wife. Was she Joy Gresham?? Something like 'Don't get me a posh coffin'. I'm sure my last sentiments will be something similar.


What's an 'arctic' Stan? When I was 21 someone put a gun to my temple. I said, 'What? Really?' Anyway, nothing happened. Such a strange anti-climax I never told anyone. My mum when to the crem in wicker last year. Not too expensive, but very beautiful alibob.

Tanya Jones

Who said this: "I just had 25 shots of whisky...I think thats a record."

- Chinobus -

Humphrey Bogart;-)


How about this: "fuck, am I really dying? Kay, bury me then." I know, my one liners aren't great okay?

Natalia :)

'artic', of course, pardon my occasional word blindness. Hope your move was ok and you're getting some proper sleep.

Tanya Jones

Happy birthday Footsie- and take your head out of the oven this very second- I am going to bake cupcakes. I think I might say- 'at last' or 'the end' 'Finale' or just bye bye amigos, nice to know you.See you later- or else I'll dramatize- I'm not ready darling- you go ahead without me.
Whenever I had visitors and they stood to leave, my stock catchphrase was, 'Oh just have another five minutes,' AND IT WAS A STANDING JOKE THAT MY EPITAPH WOULD READ ....SHE ONLY WANTED ANOTHER FIVE MINUTES. sorry caps, lazy, not typing it again.


I've pondered this question ever since my father gave me a Collins book of quotations as a child. Possibly: Now, eternity. or What stars; what moon in the endless night? or My heaven was always in your heart. Look in your heart and you will find me there. or maybe, if I don't have time, just "I love you".
or "tui, tui". My favourite expression, and is easy enough to say if you're feeling a little weak.

Tanya Jones

'goo, goo, good'

Tanya Jones

The 25 whiskies was Dylan Thomas I think. My last line if all things were good: So long and thanks for all the fish (courtesy of Douglas Adams).
St st st sturgeon

Tanya Jones

S srr s surgeon!. P p p leeease bring me some ma ma marijuana, and r r roll me a j j joint, for God's s s sake.

Tanya Jones

Eric Morecambe's last words were "I'm glad that's over" (at the end of a solo performance, immediately after which he collapsed from a heart attack). The last words of the bowl of petunia's in the Hitchhikers guide were "oh no, not again"


"Keep the parrots off the verandah, darling" I know, not funny. Until the armed policeman bursts in through the curtains and opens fire... Tee hee. Still not funny.

Parson Thru

King George V's last words were supposed to be "Bugger Bognor" (or is that just an urban myth?)


Next incarnation better...