Loss of comments.

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Loss of comments.

Something odd has happened. I seem to have lost some comments on my work and two 'great feedbacks'.

which pices lost the comments luigi?


Well, my last one lost one comment, the next nine lost all comments, after that I don't know; I stopped looking. They were all there yesterday.


I'll send you an email


I also seem to be missing comments off quite a few as far as I can see, quite randomly. 


Hello - I'm so sorry this is happening. We are trying to get to the bottom of things at the moment


My recent ones (which had commments) seem to be saying no comments too. Rhiannon


Thanks everyone who's taken the time to let us know about this. We will be working on it tomorrow but in the meantime if you wouldn't mind, can you please list the actual titles which have missing comments in this thread? 

Thank you



Keep Out! Schooling’s ‘Out’!
Angry but not praying
The Story of Beddgelert (in Snowdonia)
Peace Around the Golden Valley
Saul explains
Why so long?
Day on the Heart of Wales Railway


Pretty much all of mine as it seems to just be anything posted in July that has lost comments and I have only been posting just over this, but here is the list if it helps.

A scorpion’s ode to the desert

A most punctual man




Don’t haunt me

What if we are on our own?

Therapy (rewrite)

Crown of Eggshells

Courtship of Lapwings 

You, yourself, are the miracle

Thanks :)



This is my list:

Come Into My Parlour
A Flight of Fantasy
Andrea Camilleri, R.I.P.
A Fat Lot of Good
Spilling the Beans
Loch Ness Monster - the Truth
Smelling of Roses
I Was Supposed to be Somewhere Else

It seems to be the entire July input. 


I too have lost comments on:-

If Music Be The Food Of Love

Joy Of Writing

Rhythm Of The Buskers

Brainstorming Moments Like This

The Listening Tree



Ah! Hadn't noticed mine disappearing until I logged in and spotted this thread, don't know how many, certainly from my last one. Must be the weather ;)

L x


Thanks all. I've emailed our techie and hopefully he will be able to sort it out. Big apologies in the meantime!


I've lost pretty much everything fom my list from February. The only ones I have are the ones that got great feedback votes.

Some of the comments I made are still on the posting of members even though I don't have them. However, comments to Parson Thru on a couple of recent posts have gone: Bar Mendez, Of Mythes and Dragons, They appear to Love him and Jardin of Tranqility

Maybe more, no sure really. Seems to be only July comments.




Just to add to the mystery, last night Tom Brown recommented on ‘What if we are on our own?’ and it brought   his original comment back with it, but not my reply. It’s like a comments twilight zone. No comment is safe, but they could return most unexpectedly! Anyway, I thought the disappear / reappear

might be a helpful clue. :)


ooh! Airyfairy did suggest it might be a glitch in the matrix - she might be right!


Any news from yor techies on this problem??


Not yet Ed, sorry!


Do we assume that they are irretrievably lost?


I don't think so Luigi, not yet - still waiting to hear from our Techie (who might be at a conference or something)