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StoryMOTHERLAND: CALLING YaseminB22 years 7 months ago
StoryNo Hand to Hold. Ladylily132 years 7 months ago
StoryTenerife PoetonaHill32 years 7 months ago
StoryUnseen Threads mcscraic12 years 7 months ago
StoryHer Name is Grace YaseminB12 years 7 months ago
StoryBy the babbling brook (haiku) TonyC2532 years 7 months ago
StorySpring YaseminB22 years 7 months ago
StoryYou Can't Pin Me Down YaseminB12 years 7 months ago

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LOST IN WATER It begins life as a tadpole Uncanny resemblance to a sperm! Therefore I wonder how much of our (my) DNA Is shared with the humble frog...

The Daily Grind

I will pen the finest stories!” Said Judy to Punch. “Me ladies' voices husky, the rustles on their hems sweet tunes to ears. Me gentlemen walk and...

Her Name is Grace

HER NAME IS GRACE H er name is Grace She is tall and handsome She draws a card and it's an ace! "Unpack your bags, don't be a disgrace Our little...


Spring Concupiscent foxes tame their offspring Me thinks this is the first sign of spring. Bumblebees bombinate above-heads As myriad dark clouds...

You Can't Pin Me Down

You can’t pin me down I will slip away from your fingers For I am a free thinker. Ideas, I accumulate My imagination is flamed By my tots untamed...