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Stephen Parker

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God's spark: Breath of Life

If for proof you defiantly seethe How can any living thing alone breathe We know that matter can combine But how could a puppet itself prime Gases naturally combine in internal combustion

Sword Mightier Than Spoken, Written Word

Could Christian martyrs with miraculous stories for freedom barter Roman Caesars with gladiator, beast slew their sons and daughters Did Socrates with dialectic discourse ancient beliefs divorce


I cannot time's fleeting pages still With my pillow's down feathery quill Into stiff tonic cannot vapid space distill Lingering shadows around hazed mind spill

Abrasive Hawk

What gallant form from vaunted perch does alight Leaving tailwind that unassuming gawkers affright Whose tawny shadow the sun's rays does blight; Swarthy silhouette shading glint so erudite

Unrequited Dreams

Once more, treading the boulevard of dreams Only the sun's glint on the corroded surface gleams Shangri La's gate no longer in the distance beams