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This cat is on wheels. A postage stamp of golden fur is missing from his flank harvested by glistening chatter-knives. This is new kind of scent-...

last offices

We park by the craft shop: the coloured corners of picture frames hang down the wall like chevrons Supine, under the quilt of night the infirmery...

The Notes of a Millennial Blogger: #2 The Italian Ruiner

I wake up to the sound of my Auntie Amandine thoroughly sanitising her nether regions. She's in the shower. I can tell she has the shower head set to...
Gold cherry

The descent

Not your pen, the butter- yellow of its wannabe etchings. Nor, really, your fear of the broadband router’s paparazzi flashes that set off the whole...

The Notes of a Millennial Blogger

The Notes of a Millennial Blogger. Post #1 I Heart Symbolism. Friday, November 4th, 2000. The leaves are going crisp on Maple Drive. All the trees...