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Poem I forgot I wrote

The poets will be out this morning Their ostentatious pens Crumbling malnourishing words Like breadsticks Let love charge up the hills Neonise the...
Gold cherry

And then us

And then us, under a wide, purpling sky gently linted with soft, yellow clouds. And then the birdsong in the key of evening curtly tuning the...

Autumn mornings

Autumn mornings crisp and fresh like sweet grapes show lollipop men in fluorescent yellow jackets; their hands shoved down deep pockets, on frost-...

mild existentialism in a coastal churchyard

Beside the pub where Samantha - with eyelashes that cut like a Dyson Airblade - stands with a collection tin for the RNLI, is the churchyard. There's...

The punctuation hike

the ellipsis was his unfinished morse code plea; an S with no-O-S. the dollar sign was a snake slain by his bike blinker-hot under an asterisk sun.