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Andrew David Hunt

I am a 54 year old divorced man who is the proud father of four children.  This year I achieved a ba honours degree in English language and literature. I have six self-published books of poetry with e-publishing companies, 

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A videsat from Alex

I have to state I am pleased with the text which, to date hasn't had any negative comments so far. A videsat from Alex, is a contemprary take on Antony Burgess text, "A clockwork Orange" being dyslexic, for me the challange was to simply read the text. When I found that painful I opted for a you tube sound recording instead, this gives help to the text as the glosses used are intoned, so the hearer gets to at least grasp the story. WhatI have attempted is to putan older Alex (a man of about 50) in a world where ultraviolence and a police state exists, post a Brexit. The original text ends with Alex growing up and becoming bored with his life he chooses to change insteadof change being thrust upon him. I attempted to put in the summary my take on nadsat however, it was far too large to do, so have put it as an appendix to the text itself. If people like it, I might carry this project on. I would stress, that I in no way wish to deride ock or or replace Burgess brilliant novella. I simply wanted to update it to a world that I see unfolding around me, where the news is slanted, where what we see with our eyes cannot be fully belived and the where free market capitalism, taken to its extreme, is as insane and as hate driven as the socialist or communist totalitarian system that was so feared by my parents (cold war) generation. we need both in a democracy. thanks.

Testament within the womb of Mars

Rodriguez lost all sense of time, as both he and O’Hara made their way through the ever narrowing and dingy sub levels of New Paris towards gods only...

Testament: For the common good

Mars , New Paris, July 23 rd 09.00 S.E.T. A cold, pale green sun, arose in a salmon sky, to shine its sickly light upon the frosted domes that coved...

Testament The Janus system returned

The Janus system The battle cruiser Archipelago, hopped back into the evernight at 20:45 S.E.T, leaving its usual spherical quake of bosun particle’s...

testament: beneath the collonades

They walked along the dimly lit stone hallway, the low ceiling brushing against their heads; at the end of the hall, they entered a large pale blue...