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I have 423 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 292576 times and 52 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Andrew David Hunt

I am a 54 year old divorced man who is the proud father of four children.  This year I achieved a ba honours degree in English language and literature. I have six self-published books of poetry with e-publishing companies, 

My stories

an Essay on Wisdom

An essay on wisdom What is wise in the present world of the now, is foolish in considering the future; and is a waste ground on the wisdom of the...

The Crimson wake viii in the dark of the eye

Weasley pulled himself off the floor slowly and shook his head, He patted himself down. The key card was gone. ‘That Bitch!’ He howled as he tried to...

The Crimson wake vii dark revelations

From bio server operations, Deck sergeant Berkinshaw second class stared at her monitor screen in disbelief. Her large chestnut eyes dilated and her...

The Crimson wake vi enter the machine

Draz sat looking at his closed wall screen, feeling both frustrated and alone. He fell back on his bed with a thump and listened to the muttering’s...

The Crimson wake v the Ship awakes.

It was the silence that grabbed Davey first. Then came the awe. It was strange that he hadn’t noticed it before, but, he mused, when a place loses...