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I have 423 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
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Andrew David Hunt

I am a 54 year old divorced man who is the proud father of four children.  This year I achieved a ba honours degree in English language and literature. I have six self-published books of poetry with e-publishing companies, 

My stories

Essay: capitalism the beast must be trapped part 1

When we look at capitalism today, we fail to recognise its’ history; either where it has come from or what it has evolved into. We don’t fully see...

Testamant: arrival at luminace base.

The Jackson 09:45 S.E.T The sleek battle cruiser, came to a silent stop, above the tiny planetoid known as “Luminance base”. Its silver hull,...

Testamant Orphanage base continued

6 months later Orphanage base: Kit sat in the hall running her hand through her close cropped hair. The designated proctor sat by her desk the smile...

Testament: The ghosts return

Six months previously The Janus system 1. 7 light years from Terran command. The bio server room glowed a sickly green. It was cramped at the best of...

Testament:- Orphanage base

Orphanage base: Pluto The siren had sounded. The lights dimmed. Officially it was bedtime, so she should have been in bed. However, Kit, or first...