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I have 148 stories published in 8 collections on the site.
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Up, up and Away! The First British Balloonist

For a pioneer in both flying and literature, James Tytler is sadly neglected figure, but one whose life was sadly inconsistent for all his...

Sir John Kirk and the End of Slavery in Zanzibar

There were few places as strange to the intrepid foreigner in the mid 19th century as Zanzibar , even in an age when the whole continent of Africa...

A Mystery for Sherlock? Conan Doyle's Father and 'Sunnyside'

For those who do not know, Sunnyside is a name which perhaps conjures up a happy, warm place, basking in a content and peaceful location. In fact,...

Peter Goldman - Poet, Doctor, Plague Survivor

Peter Goldman, a 17th century citizen of Dundee, is l;ittle known today, though he should be for two reasons: the prominence of his own life and...

Plague and Pestilence Down the Centuries

Early Records One of the most iconic moments in the folk memory of Dundee is the image of the Protestant preacher George Wishart preaching in 1544...