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The King's Cadger Road - A Fishy Tale

Forfar as a set of the peripatetic Scottish court in the Middle Ages has definitely been under investigated. Malcolm Canmore and Queen Margaret have...

St Drostan the Wanderer

Saints should possibly still be honoured, even in an irreligious age; kept in mind in a different way. There is no patron saint of Angus,but if we...

The Earliest Legends of Glamis and Glamis Castle

Mention the name Glamis to followers of Scottish ghost stories or folklore and they will probably conjure up memories of the 'Monster of Glamis', the...

Pitalpin - An Actual Battle or A Dundee Myth?

This article details a battle which, very likely, is a fiction. The place-name Pitalpin is now subsumed within the western part of Lochee, itself now...

King Arthur of Angus (and Gowrie)? Constantine, King and Saint

Firstly, I must make it clear that I don't think that King Arthur (whoever he was) personally ruled Angus, or whatever the area was called before it...