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King Arthur of Angus (and Gowrie)? Constantine, King and Saint

Firstly, I must make it clear that I don't think that King Arthur (whoever he was) personally ruled Angus, or whatever the area was called before it...

The Battle of Stracathro and A Chilling Extinction

Stracathro is a quiet place which does not deserve notoriety. Its claim to fame, historically, is the humiliating resignation of King John Balliol...

Dubh, The Dark King and the Strangest Death

Three Dark Secrets This is one of the strangest, most convoluted tales ever associated with a king in Scotland, so bear with me while I pick out some...

Descent from Kings - The Royal Clans

It is perhaps human nature to claim descent from important or significant people. The heritage of clan and kindred names in Scotland is notoriously...

Who Was King Karl Hundasson?

In the medieval Orkneyinga Saga , one of the primary sources for the history of Scandinavian Scotland we are presented with a character who opens the...