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The Dargie Kirk - First Christian Site North of the Tay?

The history of St Peter's Church - the Dargie Kirk - is intimately associated with the subject of a future post, the Goors (or Gows or Ewes ) of...

The Murder of Lord Strathmore

The Strathmore family’s affiliation with the deposed House of Stuart brought them great sorrow in the 18 th century and though they avoided the...
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The Dwindling and Extinction of Gaelic in Angus

The date at which Gaelic ceased to be a living, spoken language in Angus possibly presents more of an enigma than when it started to be spoken in the...

General Monck's Massacre

Conventional folk memory (if there is such a thing) in Dundee recalls the sack and occupation of the town by General Monck in the middle of the 17th...

Over Frae Angus

Over frae Angus and intae the Mearns, check in the howe whar the gulls sing like bairns. Over the Tay and on into Fife, the haunts o the hunted, the...