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I have 2 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Athena Colozza

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The Beholder

Aithne (ATH-NEE) lives in a world where people have magical powers-all derived from the elements of Earth. Everyone can only have one elemental power, except for one who has been prophesized to behold all four elemental powers. This person is Aithne, and there are people after her. What will happen when she must run from home and hide from the Burners, a fire-wielding group whose aim is to kill her before she can topple the fragile rule of the tyrranical King, as prophesized?

Blood On His Hands

A powerful Russian group initiates its newest member. The initiation requires the person to kill a family member, chosen by the group. Natasha is the target, but when her assassin, Mikhail, swoops in to kill her: he instantly falls in love. Now, Natasha and Mikhail must escape the clutches of the group and her Uncle Nikolai, and somehow find a way to be together.