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beatrice stephenson

My name is Beatrice Stephenson (although you can call me bea for short ;)) and live with my parents in a london town called Uxbridge. i am now 20 years old and have been dappling with poetry since i was 16 and writing since much younger. I am currently writing a novel called Otherplace on and off for the last four or five years (why wont it finish!?!?) But i have written loads of poems and have actually managed to complete a number of very short stories! Beleive me this is anaccomplishment  for me XD.  I am open to opinions (good and bad) and would appreciate and comments and advice your willing to give

My stories

The Spider and The Wasp (Fable)

A little House Spider with his skill and cleverness had caught every kind of insect you can imagine, from your average fly to moths, butterflies,...

Cancer (Star Sign)

Go little crab Find where your meant to be Whether it be on the land Or in the sea If neither land or sea Is where your home is meant to be Then pack...


Go the waves as they flow Water in the waves Where does it go? Perhaps they just disapear Will we ever know? Or perhaps the night sky as stars Is...


We are two fish Swimming in the sea One is you One is me Till night turns to day Because between you and me We know the way We swam and swam Till...

Red Mud

In this war, I see dirt I see blood What does this make? All it makes is mud The truth kills me Kills me to the core We are just mud In any wretched...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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'. ...For what? He asked

Posted on Tue, 20 Jul 2010

'. ...For what? He asked himself. ...Was it worth such a loss of life?' I like how you'v shown what sargent Daniels was thinking by using the triple dot thing - my vocabulary isnt exactly brilliant. also, i really like how you'v used sargent...Read full comment

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