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I have 235 stories published in 45 collections on the site.
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Home For the summer

Home for the Summer Both under my roof for a while a short time tick of a while a bird chip chip trill of a while pink pink, peewit peewit scuffle and murmur Just those few days

The 30th of Julia

The 30th of Julia The 30th of Julia is not a sad dissected piece of forensic detritus bagged, tagged, and labelled a toe perhaps or an ear a plane crash remnant or evidence of a bad bad man

Mrs Worthington

One facilitates

The uses of poetry

As I galloped in the belly of the beast past fields of a nearly obscene green so bright it clashed with the sky like cheap clothing a horrid thought popped in like a ring on the door

It needs a Dragon

The garden needs a dragon it looks now slumped,hungover,unkempt tousled as grumpy as a Freshman on a Monday shrubs collapsed by a winter hypnotist "and down" Sleeping Beauty's wicked witch