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I have 235 stories published in 45 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 221775 times and 66 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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The Pixie is Leaving

The Pixie is Leaving So grown up today Crisped up in grown up clothes future office ready she is leaving one leaf hop at a time popping nestwards in...

Flooding at Long Load

Flooding at Long Load When one gets old one looks up the ancestry and one feeds the birds takes an interest in gardening and takes pride in being...

The Farmers Dog

The Farmers Dog Was hauled to my front door by a neighbour in a hurry "I found your dog in the road" he said "It's not my dog and I have the dentist...

The Apples Fell All At Once

The Apples Fell All At Once One day we had warmth that swore it was going to stay My Mother was never going to succumb to those Pomegranate seeds She...

Now I am the Matriarch

Now I am the Matriarch A few days past my Mother had a choice jump or burn Always an optimist she chose not to slowly roast tubes here and there...