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Impossible Its impossible that you are gone because when we turn half asleep or there is movement in the air there you are all youthful enthusiasm...

Walking on Saturn Day Three

Had a plan to take "children" (23 year old son, 18 year old daughter and 18s boy friend) to the supermarket for silly presents and food top up. We...

Walking on Saturn Day Two

There was a woodpecker on the bird table this morning, the glamourous pink and black kind. It made me think "movement" so in a while I will take...

Nothing the Stone Baby

There is nothing I can do to make my husband better or his dying easy I thought today with bitterness that cats in that state are put down by vets in...

Hospice of Horror

Hospice of Horror He is "unsettled today" (in spite of sedation including anaesthesia) meaning he reaches out with his arms and his legs thrash he is...