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I have 235 stories published in 45 collections on the site.
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Walking on Saturn Day Two

There was a woodpecker on the bird table this morning, the glamourous pink and black kind. It made me think "movement" so in a while I will take...

Nothing the Stone Baby

There is nothing I can do to make my husband better or his dying easy I thought today with bitterness that cats in that state are put down by vets in...

Hospice of Horror

Hospice of Horror He is "unsettled today" (in spite of sedation including anaesthesia) meaning he reaches out with his arms and his legs thrash he is...
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Winter Fireflies

Winter Fireflies I've always wondered where they go when its cold Do they snowbird and migrate to the south? Do they hibernate hugging a hedgehog ?...

The Pixy Edge

The Pixy Edge In the old days bronze axe days stone days before Rome sent centurians and maenads thundered on Anglesey or sacrificed into peat bogs...