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I have 232 stories published in 45 collections on the site.
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Good Weather for Reading

Outside looks so brightwhite dog would love a walky and I'd love a talky though no one would be stopping to chat today its all head down and scamper...

Volunteering Riding Hood

The bathos of retirement
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

The Reproachful Muse

Its been a very patient sheepdog never nipping or barking just walking behind me stopping whenever I did lying down when I stopped gazing with big...

Hells Bells, and Barometers

I'm venturing out a bit quietly after bereavement wanting new friends and a wider circle The old life too tight a safe harbour without the anchor man...

Grief Babies

Grief babies inhabit the body in a never ending gestation They sometimes sleep plump little sources of lovely memory but when you have a new one it...