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Second year English Lit - I'm not sure I can call myself an author yet but I do love writing - I hope I can gain some experience and some insight from some of the fantastic writers on here. Fave authors - Shakespeare (Obviously), Keates, Maya Angelou.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

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Venus... Early morning luminary, big and bright and beautiful. Venus... Taunts me with her dazzling rays. No star distracts from her lovliness. A...

End of the road (Poetry Monthly)

My finger traces a path down from your navel to the waistline of your shorts. It's a short journey, but one I wanted to take many times. Every time,...


The pain! A loss I feel for you and can't contain. My feelings - remain unchanged. Fresh wounds that appear that they will never heal. Forever open,...

It's not enough (revised)

3 Seconds That's what I asked for, thought it seemed a reasonable request and you seemed to aquiesce to what I had to suggest. We both seemed set to...

Beyond a mere greeting

What's the significance of three seconds? Is it the difference between a mere greeting and a lingering whisp of love? Just on the cusp of craving but...