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Second year English Lit - I'm not sure I can call myself an author yet but I do love writing - I hope I can gain some experience and some insight from some of the fantastic writers on here. Fave authors - Shakespeare (Obviously), Keates, Maya Angelou.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

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missed you again!

a country music song poem - anyone who writes music - would you sing it for me? I can't write music.

what goes up

I pretend sometimes to just disappear. Click my fingers twice, then fade into thin air. To my parallel world with the one I hold dear. No problems to...

Have you forgotten me?

Has the memory of me faded? Has the image of me dulled in my absence? Has the scent of me diminished in your senses? Perhaps your feelings dampened?...

Silence in my heart

Where I was filled with laughter and childish chatter - a joyful noise. Gentle chimes of love, the background for melodies and the rythms of day -...

discord to harmony (revised)

All day long, everything seems... wrong. It's disjointed, strange and off-key. Like an orchestra - each musician playing a different song, a clanging...