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Moses and Al-khidre

During the forty years spent by the Israeli people in the wilderness, one of Moses’ folks came and asked him: “Who is the most learned man in the...

Kingdom of Laggardnessia and Slownessland

Since its very core is essentially based on an Egyptian joke, and as I do know that what is considered as a joke to the disposition of a nation may be nonsense to another, I would like to know how you do taste this flash fiction, and how it appears to you, funny or misfired.

Did the Prophet promise his nation the conquest of New York City?

New York City is notable among world cities for having part of it―the Bronx―located on land, while its remaining parts―Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens―are found in the sea, the Atlantic Ocean. The year 1624 is considered to mark the true emergence of New York City. But a thousand years earlier, the Prophet alluded to this city and told his companions that a Muslim army would invade it in the future. The Prophet died in 631 AD, while the remarkable city did not achieve the unique shape to which the Prophet referred in his speech―“a city of which a part is established on land and the other is established in the sea” [1] ―until 1898. [1] Imam Muslim: speech No. 2920.

The Three Khusf

“If there will be only one day remaining in the span of the worldly life, Allah would elongate that day until He sends one of my offspring, whose...