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An apology to Archie

I would burrow my hand In your baby hair fur, To feel your skull’s hard ridge Beneath the groomed, perfumed fairy floss. Constellations of pollen...

are you ready yet?

I need another child, she said. Hand on belly protectively, she smiled at me. I am not ready for this . Please, we can have a lot of fun making it?...

The pet

His rage and fear formed a beast That skulked in his mind Slavering behind the timetables, recipes, and metronome thoughts. It snarled a warning...

The last straw

I fell over the silver strand of wire that was the fence. I lay still for a moment in surprise and shock. When I heard them laugh, I stood up and...

1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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I find "all redundant cooking

Posted on Wed, 03 Sep 2014

I find "all redundant cooking and trembling tears" somehow incredibly powerful.  I'm sorry i dont know why, maybe thats the skill of this poem?

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