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new new year again

This time I am really hoping, this year I will change one, this time something for me and my life and my people, this year will be better, just you wait and see!

Lost words

I have the time now to sort my emotions from sads to angry, regrets to tragedy, frustrated and now, a new, influriated, of feelings of sad. I feel as though I have lost my mind,

Random parts to sort out

Watch wishtfully as it floats away fingers turn numb heart shivers and tries to freeze yet thoughts rushing in head and blood stop it shapshardsofglassthr

No One (sortof I.P.

It is time for me to write again, it has been for months, though I have now forgotten all I needed to or meant to tell you, and what a good IP for how I felt

Wonderful (I.P.)

Let me help you explore around the seven wonders of my little country, here along the coast; the wind that colours whatever it touches red, the stones that ring high