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" I am a vessel of memory in this world of forgetting."

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Casual conversations

The profanities erupt like casual conversation between old and tired people the world had mistook for lovers 5 second bursts of anger do not make...

Friendships in college

We talked for hours on end I even walked with her on the way home though my feet felt like they’d collapse with every step. She irked me at times...

The moon’s lost stars

The world naps As you toss in bed Overthinking the words you shouldn’t have said We flatter the universe Thinking we could borrow their stars But the...

Lola’s Fantastic Adventures and Dreams (Part 2)

ENTRY 2 The Mocking Tree I’m not so good with telling lies and truths, I’m a little bit in between. Sugarcoating has never been my strongest suit and...

Lola's Fantastic Adventures and Dreams

The French, the Goddamn Europeans, every soul of a man living on that continent could make my knees go weak. You see them in magazines, perfectly...