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I have 395 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 162300 times and 11 of my stories have been cherry picked.
34 of my 948 comments have been voted Great Feedback with a total of 32 votes

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Rosalind J. Lee


Hi, no complaints recently!  See my work for sale below.

I play Empire. Kred from which I advertise my books, and enjoy the rewards...

i play Township on my kindle, which I find kind of relaxing :)

My stories

Leggings - the infection & beyond

After two days of headache I succumbed.

Leggings - The Singer & the Satanists....

"Its raindrops keep falling on my head!"

Walk along an edge.

Walk along an edge. The edge is undefined, past customers who consume with indefinate indifference the delicacies of taste, past a border-line cut...

Leggings - the Cake & other Stories...

Leggings - the Cake & other Stories... friday morning - met strange friendly frozen fruity drinkers in cafe... Mr. Lee's discussion re early/late...

Leggings - The Parachute story.

Leggings - The Parachute story. In the morning Kitty took the bus droopily, her eyes half closed, as she tried to stay awake. The bus steamed past...