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I have 126 stories published in 6 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 67864 times and 96 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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That is the Door I Will not Go Through

Through the doorway I can see the trunk of a tree two hands round. From its base, grass spreads, today dressed in dew. I’m not sure what’s beyond,...
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The Gardens

“a green thought in a green shade” --Andrew Marvell Only the sign meets you at the gate. ALL VISITORS MUST PURCHASE A TICKET. You feel your whole...
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Bat Time

It is coming to the end of bat season. The insects are thinning out as the nights get colder, and soon the bats will start their hibernation, a...

Colouring the Fields

I always pause before signing online petitions. It’s so easy to put you name to something, it could become a reflex, and I would end up supporting...

Walking Interval 3: Canada Water to London Bridge

The third of a chain of lunchtime walks from one of London’s most ostentatiously “new” areas to the site of the Roman London Bridge.