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The Rabbit Farm

The whole thing couldn’t be driven by intellect or style or the wish for a better more comfortable life, simply because we were all too poor. Crime alone would be the driver.

The Circumstances of Birth

At the furthest tip of Cornwall reaching out into The Channel and slightly towards the Atlantic, lies the rugged peninsular known as The Lizard. A...

For King and Country

Valerie soon grew to adore her job and the wonderful camaraderie of the other girls at the end of the day. The freedom from home restrictions was blissful as were the plentiful cigarettes on offer, and there was not a bomb to be heard at night. Just the sighing of the trees and the snort of a New Forest pony.
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A Friend Indeed

The name of the game was quite simple – survival.

Evil in my Midst

But, in the middle of this, a sort of long shadow cast its ugly darkness and it felt like there was a parting of biblical waves.