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An Ozzie called Jackaroo Billy did something rather quite silly He mounted a sheep that belonged to Bo-Peep now there's wool growing all round his...

"As above so below"

Two weeks ago I was on my way to bingo when I found these two letters floating aimlessly through outer space, so I decided to rescue them.

Gabbi-Puss (An observation)

My feline duchess, sits guarding her brood In snowy white ermine, precipitant mood Her per dot eyes, like jewels on snow Hide centuries of secrets that only cats know.

Ode to a Wheelie bin

Wheelie bin, wheelie bin, where can you be? You walked off and left me, so soon after tea. I’d just filled you up - with the nicest of things, How could you repay me by fledging your wings?


What is going on up in heaven. Are these rumours true. Who is really running the place? Fear not, for all is about to be revealed.