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My stories have been read 44260 times and 12 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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For my lovely husband - who wishes my poems were not quite so miserable!

Mother of Creation (For Mum on Mother's Day)

This is for my Mum, who is my best friend as well as the person who has always appreciated my writing. Thanks for the creative genes Mum!
Gold cherry

Some Velvet Morning

Some Velvet Morning We didn’t know the time none of us cared. We only knew it was late - but it wouldn’t end for an hour or so at least. We were where everyone wanted to be

Wild Woman of Wonga

Wild Woman of Wonga This wild Woman of Wonga sorceress of dark ages witch with a thousand nipples vengeful goddess of mythology - this bitch stalks, arms flailing

Cream Teas and Wasps

Cream Teas and Wasps I stumbled across myself this July Glimpsing my hips and an angular smile My skin has the sheen of pinky cream teas But the wasp with - holds its sting