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Further Advice for Sufferers of ABC OCD

The long-awaited sequel to the highly acclaimed ABC OCD - Do You Have It?

Gone in a Heartbeat (For Mark)

You never said sorry for the German girl. with the plum-coloured hair. She was up and down you like quicksilver. What an accomplished contortionist - you bent over backwards for her,

All The Dead Girls

Did any of us have a sense of foreboding when we first glimpsed the imposing Victorian mansion that was to be our home? Our tomb? Up some winding stairs I was shown a sepia photograph of a

All the Unborn Children

Exactly 95 years ago The Battle of the Somme started. It was to continue for four and a half months, and claimed the lives of 95'675 British soldiers. My Great - Uncle was one of them.

My Nightly Visitation

I am sick and tired of your regular visitations. Here you are again, the guilt - ghost that I left decades ago. Surely you should have evaporated by now -