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Danny Boyle, Darkness and the 27 Club

Really sorry to have been away so long and hi to my favourite ABC TALERS who I hope know who they are - have had wrter's block (actually a potentially fatal ABC OCD symptom).OP come back.

ABC OCD - Finally Some Good News

Due to huge public demand, mainly from Oldpesky, here is my latest on the debiltating disease ABC OCD. If you avoid reading this, you are in denial, which can lead to serious consequences.

I am the Resurrection

Don't read if you are easily offended. Due to no popular acclaim whatsoever, here is a poem from the miserable poetry collection of the normally jovial Over The Top.
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And the Beat Goes On (IP)

…so the alarm goes and I’d only just got to sleep as I had a shitty night everything going round and round and now I have to get dressed to see the dr I never dress and when I do I can only wear