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At the Ear Nose and Throat Hospital

I was in the darkened booth, grey pavlovian rat. I pressed the required button, ear mufflers inverting my fear. Then spin - screech chair rocks. This astronaut

ABC OCD - Do You Have It?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) An anxiety disorder characterised by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, worry and fear, by repetitive behaviours aimed at reducing anxiety.

Peanut Crunching at Sylvia's Table

And now your peanut - crunchers can stare at the ink - stains, the sigils where you engraved your letters to him... Ted Hughes - The Table, Birthday Letters

My Days with an Opium - eater

Heroin - it's my life and it's my wife...It'll be the death of me. Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground

The Day I Dared to Wear Lipstick

If you think it is easy to claim state - benefits in this country whenn you are ill, read on......