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I have 239 stories published in 8 collections on the site.
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Trish :)


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Beautiful Angel

Freshly cut lawns,Archways Filled with array of beautiful Flowers,Not a rain drop in the Autumn sky,Hard to imagine We are here to Say good bye...

If I Let It Bother Me....

If i listen to what you say about me, I would not of done amazing Things in my life,or meet Some truly special people. I appreciate help and advice...

Who Are You To Say That.

If you look at me and say, Don't like the colour of your Skin,or the 6 inch scar on Your face, or your fat, To short, your bald, ugly or old. That...

We Will Do It For You All :)

While Trying To Keep Calm, In These Times Of Harm, Sadness And Fear. Lets Honor Those Who, We Shed Tears For. For You All, We Smile And Carry On,...

someone's always here

When the comfort of caring arms No longer hold you close and Tight,like they use to. Look up at your sad face, That's filled with despair, And start...


12 of my comments have received 17 Great Feedback votes

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Hi Deyaken, I hope your well.

Posted on Fri, 22 Nov 2013

Hi Deyaken, I hope your well.


I cant read long story's or poems, health, reasons and so I did have to return 3 times but it was so worth it :)))) enjoyed it and although I wish it had ended as passionately as it started...

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